Services in our Sauna in Madrid

Knows all the services we offer in our sauna for men in Madrid

Are you stressed at work? Your deserve a treat. At Paraiso you can book a massage with a professional. Choose among a vas array of treatments and relax.
You don’t have to bring anything to have fun at Paraiso. We will provide all what you need: along with your ticket, we’ll provide a towel, flip flops and a key to your private locker.
Your safety is the most important thing to us. When you enter Paraiso you will get a condom. If you get lucky, you can ask for some more at the bar.
We are positive you will find what you seek at Paraiso... However, if you don’t, you still have two computers to surf the web.
There is so much action going on at Principe that eventually you will have to eat to recharge your batteries. Drinks, cocktails, sandwiches, chocolates… Who knows? You might be invited by a total stranger.
There is one thing that everybody know about Paraiso: we are the cleanest sauna in Madrid. Our team never stop cleaning the facilities. Do not worry, though, if you are “busy” they will wait until you finish to clean that space.
Everything is smooth at Paraiso. But if you want to know what happens outside, you can always read the papers by the bar.